Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta

Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta

Exterior lighted signs add a lot of flair and attraction to a business. You want people to know what you are about and why they should come in, and lighted signs are an excellent way to do so. These signs are available in many different shapes, sizes, and compositions, and the breakdown below should offer you an introduction to exterior lighted signs in Atlanta.

Different types of exterior lighted signs in Atlanta

Lightbox signs

Lightbox signs are front-lit letter signs with an interior light to illuminate the letters or shapes. The light shines through a transparent panel and makes the letter and full name or logo stand out during the night or day. Front-lit signs have lights that shine through the front panel and are the most popular because they are affordable and straightforward.

Backlit or reverse light signs have a more exotic look and add depth and character to the sign. Businesses that use reverse lightbox signs have more distinct effects and stand out among a group of front light signs. Each element on the sign adds a modern and more attractive look, which means they are easier to notice and more readable during the day or night.

External LED sign printing

Externally lit signs have an external light source, such as barn lights or bulbs that shine down on the sign. The light illuminates essential parts and will often cast a shadow on all the areas outside of it. The effect of external lighting is a halo effect, which adds style and a warm glow to the sign. Some examples of exterior lighted signs in Atlanta include:

  • Ground lighted business signs work well for signs on the ground, such as on a monument, because they shine the light from beneath and light up the entire board.
  • Top lighting illuminates the sign's upper part and gives a nostalgic effect because they leave a shadow on the lower side.
  • Recessed custom neon signs add a glow and leave a shadow on the surrounding areas.

Outdoor signs

There are more ways than one you could need outdoor lighted signs, apart from advertising the name of your business. Premises with more than one branch or a hidden location could use lighted directional signs to direct customers on the right path.

Dazzling custom LED neon signs at night can help attract attention when you have an offer, so customers can notice what you have to offer because the message stands out. Illuminated outdoor signs can be an excellent way to announce a new business, especially when adding custom statements to get your name and logo into the world.

Window lights

Window lights are different and add a unique sense of creativity to the business. We can create an illustration that matches the shape and design of the window, so it looks like you have a large sign plastered on the wall of your building.

We have gathered expertise and tools to create many different shapes and styles of lighted signs and should help you in more ways than one. Contact us at 1-844-360 WISE (9473) to book a personalized consultation.

Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta
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Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta Exterior lighted signs in Atlanta