Assisted Living Marketing

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Assisted Living Marketing

For several reasons, the assisted living marketing industry is a rewarding profession, mainly because it allows you to form relationships with seniors and their families. Individuals’ transitions to senior living take on several different forms.

Some families look forward to the retirement lifestyle after their loved ones transition to senior living, while others are in panic mode and believe their opportunities are limited due to the conditions around their loved ones’ move.

Senior Lifestyle aims to have the best possible result for all of those families, which means listening rather instead of talking and hearing with the goal of empathy, not only to provide an answer but to form a real relationship with families in transition, regardless of their circumstances.

A professional marketing program is a secret to this good result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are most of the frequently asked questions about our assisted living marketing programs.

When Should I Expect to Start Making Money?

While some marketing strategies may require only a few weeks to produce a good result, many assisted living advertising programs take about 4 – 6 months. The success of assisted living marketing depends on factors like the market area, marketing package selected, and the competition in the targeted area.

Isn’t Assisted Living Marketing Expensive and Risky?

There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing. Sometimes, you need to apply a combination of strategies before you start seeing results. Assisted living marketing, like other healthcare marketing campaigns, comes with its risks.

However, by learning from the outcomes of previous marketing strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk. The depth of experience gathered over the years from working with several assisted living businesses enables us to provide low-risk result-based marketing methodologies.

To reduce risks and achieve success, we apply these key steps:

  • Study previous assisted living marketing plans and their outcomes
  • Create a marketing strategy based on tactics and factors that are more likely to lead to success, such as strengths, weaknesses, location, etc.
  • Test the strategies before investing huge sums of money
  • Track results carefully, and
  • Choose the best advertising ideas for assisted living from the tested strategies.

In terms of cost, assisted living marketing tactics are usually not expensive. Most effective home-care facilities marketing programs are either no-cost or low-cost. However, some require a reasonable investment, but they have a complementary Return-on-Investment attached.

Is Marketing the Same as Advertising?

No, they’re not. While marketing is all-encompassing, advertising is only a small sub-set of it.

Marketing is usually used interchangeably with advertising, but marketing is broader. It encompasses several factors, sometimes referred to as the Seven Ps of Marketing. The Ps include price, packaging (how you present your services), place (geographical location), product, People (you and your staff), promotion, and positioning (why you).

The “P” for promotion includes branding, publicity, referral marketing, community marketing, digital marketing, and finally, advertising. Depending on your budgets, objectives, philosophy, and other factors, a well-planned marketing strategy may include one or more advertising forms.

What Problems Can Your Assisted Living Marketing Help Us Solve?

The main goal of assisted living marketing is to grow your assisted marketing business or company, although it is more than that. Usually, it also involves attracting more clients and building your reputation. Specifically, assisted living marketing helps nursing home owners to:

  • Grow and protect the company against the competition
  •  Achieve profitable growth
  • Win more professional referrals
  • Extend and build a positive reputation

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