Dental Direct Mail

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Dental Direct Mail

Using personalized mail marketing in dentists’ offices is one of the best ways to generate new customers in the United States. Frankly, it has never been easier to implement this type of tactic. Today, direct mailing services like the one we offer at Mail King make it easier for dentists to get more and better quality leads.

As much as we make it easier for dental practices through our direct mail marketing for dentists’ service, it doesn’t mean that our clients don’t participate in the process. They are the ones who come up with the ideas for the marketing campaigns that we put into action.

Taking into account that the marketing world has radically changed from being invasive to become a subtle invitation to improve through our products or services and where the content we offer is the king of the strategy, we can take advantage of this “proximity” as an “ace up our sleeve” to put into practice the famous “proximity marketing,” which is a key to an effective promotional strategy.

We know that thinking about good marketing campaigns is quite an art. Some people may find it challenging to develop creative ideas that allow them to get closer to their customers through direct mail marketing for dental practices. That’s why we decided to create this list for you with five of the best ideas for you to include in your campaigns.

Let’s take a look:

1. Create attractive promotions

Who doesn’t like good promotions? Especially when it comes to something as intimate as dental health, the objective is to attract new clients so that they can try first-hand how the clinic treats them and its effectiveness and, most importantly, the quality of the professionals who will attend them.

We want to attract and “catch” new potential clients to turn them into our clinic and dental office advocates. These promotions are efficient nowadays.

Some examples of effective promotions can be:

  • Free first consultation.
  • Free dental cleaning.
  • Payment plans for treatments.

2. Launch of new service

Another brilliant idea for thinking about content for direct mail campaigns for dentist offices is to take advantage of the launch of a new service (or relaunch an existing one). You can, for example, promote a dental cleaning service for children.

3. Generate awareness by taking advantage of special dates

Educating your clients is always a good option for creating direct mail marketing campaigns for dental clinics. The idea is that you can raise awareness about the most common problems that people need to see a dentist for so that your potential clients have a better idea of the importance of your services.

This tactic can be combined with important dates such as smile day or dental health day to maximize the receptivity of your marketing efforts.

4. Offer discount coupons

This idea is a classic in the world of direct mail marketing, and it’s as simple as it sounds. A good way to increase your customer base is to incentivize purchases through discounts. That’s where coupons and promotional codes shine.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of the possibilities you can explore for your direct mailing campaigns.

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Dental Direct Mail

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