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Welcome to the Master Class Lobby.

The lobby is the space we use to prepare ourselves for our most significant impact and retention. A portion of what we will learn about today is the concept of living. Living by definition is receiving the right amount of vitality and functionality to accomplish our God-given purpose. In the lobby is where we make sure that we have everything, from a functional perspective, that allows us to create our best learning environment.

Things like:

1. Being in a quiet and comfortable space
2. Creating a distraction-free zone (if possible)
3. Having the beverage that makes you go ahhhhh
4. Preparing your heart to receive
5. Having something to take notes with
6. Listening for what I can implement immediately
7. Listening for what I can implement over time

Now that we are set and ready to learn, let’s step inside and join the master class to get insight on how to live a fulfilled life, Living By Purpose On Purpose. After your ticket purchase, check your email for the ticket code and then come back here to this page and paste your code into the pop-up screen by pressing the play button.

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