Top Black Owned Business

Top Black Owned Business

We are among the top black-owned businesses today because we are helping new and smaller black-owned businesses succeed and find their way. We dedicate time and effort to assist and guide startups and small-scale black-owned businesses. 

Problems Faced By Black-Owned Businesses

We are aware of the difficulties faced by black-owned companies. There is a lot to deal with such as

  • Difficulty in securing loans
  • Struggle to get recognition
  • Racism
  • Unequal opportunities
  • Little or no business mentoring

There are a lot of challenges small businesses face and we are one of the few established businesses that are concerned about these issues.

How We Have Contributed 

These are some of the ways we have  helped top black-owned business achieve business growth and contest with competition 


We are a top black-owned media agency that helps small businesses gain visibility. Business visibility and awareness is a huge feat for small businesses. Being able to reach their target audience is the first step in attaining business success. We call attention to their audience and promote their services. This is our way of helping them sell their brand to the public. This has helped many businesses gain more identity and has resulted in growth. 

Mentorship and Resources

We reach out to black digital publishers to offer mentorship programs and share technical skills, experience, and other helpful resources. We offer business insights that help them make better and informed decisions. The extra market knowledge usually boosts confidence to take calculated risks and achieve more career milestones.

Donation of Our Services

We are a top black-owned business that specializes in influence marketing, web design, location-based marketing, public relations, technology, SEO influence marketing amongst others. We help black-owned businesses in connecting with their target audience and clients.

Social Media Engagement

We engage black-owned media companies on social media, follow them, tag them in our posts and stories. We use the #blackownedbuisinesses hashtags to connect with them. There is a lot of beneficial content and information on the social media space, we share this knowledge with them and give them guidelines on how to use social media to profit their businesses.

Business Reviews

We support black-owned businesses by leaving positive reviews of their products and services on sites like Yelp, Google, and so on. These reviews help their online ranking and give them more credibility. Businesses that have successfully gained trust easily get customer’s attraction. We contribute to making that happen.

Engagement in Black Targeted Activities 

Participation in #BlackOwnedFriday and every trend that promotes black-owned newspapers and media companies. These activities generate interest, recognition and attention and can improve sales and promotion of products and services.

Black Community 

We are actively involved in creating a community for black-owned businesses where effective brainstorming and creative thinking is encouraged. We rub minds, work and thrive together. We are also known for organizing events and sessions  targeted at building a warm, welcoming, and productive community.

Our sincere concern for black-owned businesses and our little efforts to contribute has made us one of the top black-owned businesses. Contact 360 W!se for a free consultation with the Top 1% global media black-owned influencer brand marketing company
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Top Black Owned Business



Top Black Owned Business

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