Never Another You

It was close to 2 years ago that the late Gerald Levert’s background singers were introduced to Herb Middleton that came up with the name of the group N’Front.. The group’s members are Coco Mcmillan, Stacey Robinson, Tia Stewart and Sherena Wynn. After being introduced to the ladies by Cynthia Tyre, Herb suggested that the ladies do a tribute song to Gerald Levert on his birthday which falls on July 13th, which coincidentally was also Herb Middleton’s Father’s birthday that would’ve turned 100 that year. The name of that tribute song is “Never Another You”

Middleton took that as a sign to move forward producing the group who’s members are 50 and up. Herb Middleton who is rhe founder of “Back To The Core”, a movement that supports older talent that has produced several older legends like Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, Ann Nesby is passionate about producing older talent. He believes that the older you get the greater your talent should become.

He and business associate Christopher Bruce, the founder of Kimg Creative have worked together putting their gifts to work to support what Herb describes as one of the most powerful vocal and songwriting groups that he’s worked with in the course of his 30 year career in the music business.
Mr Middleton said that when he came up with the name for the group, he was also thinking of a clothing line which is called N’Front that would be supported by the group. The tee shirts of that line are worn by the ladies in the music video of their song titled “Love Like This”
The Women N Front site is currently in development.