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  1. Good Morning,

    My name is Regina Evans, I am a survivor of sex trafficking, an entrepreneur, an abolitionist in the fight against modern day slavery, and a creative (poet/playwright/actor). I am the owner of Regina’s Door, an Oakland, Ca., social enterprise vintage boutique with a mission to support survivors of sex trafficking and to raise awareness about this social injustice. I have been fighting Modern Day Slavery for over ten years.

    I am currently in the process of launching Araminta’s Child, an Anti-Sex Trafficking awareness raising campaign. I am contacting you to ask if you would be willing to speak to me about my campaign. I am seeking out collaborators (I found you via social media). I am particularly interested in raising the level of awareness within the Black community. 60 percent of the individuals caught up in sex trafficking here in America are Black girls and women. The average age of entry (kidnapping, coercion) is 14 years old. I believe that lifting the awareness level will bring about more action in terms of fighting this beast. Awareness is key. I am happy to send you more information and a brief of my action blueprint.

    I have included below a short bio, a sampling of articles on my store and theater work, samples of creative videos that I have styled (I do these to empower the young women in my community), a short performance clip, and my social media handles. I believe that these will give you a glimpse into my creativity which I use for purposes of healing and awareness raising.

    I am grateful for any consideration. Thank you!


    Regina Y. Evans

    Short Bio

    Regina Y. Evans is the owner of Regina’s Door, an Oakland based social enterprise vintage clothing store which operates as a sanctuary space for survivors of sex trafficking, homeless youth and young artists. Regina’s Door was named 2015 Social Changemaker, Oakland Indie Awards, 2016 Nancy’s Hero (Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley), and received a 2017 Oakland City Council Commendation in celebration of Small Business Week. Ms. Evans is a member of SHADE (Survivors, Healing, and Dedicated to Empowerment), the Mayor of Oakland’s CSEC Task Force and the CSEC Program Council/Claire’s House Safehouse (Catholic Charities). She was honored to be a speaker and delegate at the 2017 United Nations 61st Commission on the Status of Women.

    Ms. Evans is an award winning social justice poet, playwright and performer. Her stage play 52 Letters, which brings awareness to the fight against modern day slavery, was honored to win Best of SF Fringe Festival, 2013. She is the Creative Director and Costumer for CEREMONY a theatrical ritual bringing healing to survivors of sex trafficking. Ms Evans is a board member of The Flight Deck Performing Arts Space, Oakland, Ca., and a board member and the costume designer for the Lower Bottom Playaz Theater, Oakland, Ca.

    Short Empowerment Videos:

    The Rise – (Videographer: Matthew Evaeritt)

    Passage – (Videographer: Matthew Evaeritt)

    Social Media:

    Twitter: @ReginasDoor @EchoJustice
    Instagram: @ReginasDoor
    Facebook: @ReginasDoor

    Short Performance Clip:

    “America, America”: (Written and performed by Regina Evans)


    Links to documentaries which feature my social justice work


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