About 360Wise®

360Wise is a social media marketing and branding agency that is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach to online marketing. Founded in 2008 by Robert & Tasha Alexander, 360Wise has become one of the most respected and successful social media marketing agencies in the world, working with high-profile clients in a variety of industries to help them build and grow their online presence.

At 360Wise, we believe that social media is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With billions of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day, the potential for businesses to connect with their customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales is greater than ever. However, navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media can be challenging, and many businesses struggle to create effective social media marketing strategies that deliver results.

That’s where 360Wise comes in. We have a deep understanding of the social media landscape and are constantly staying up to date with the latest trends and best practices. This allows us to create customized social media marketing strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.

We are known for our creative and innovative approach to social media marketing. We use cutting-edge technology and analytics to identify trends and insights that can be leveraged to create engaging and effective social media content. This helps our clients stand out from the competition and connect with their target audience in a meaningful way.

Tasha & Robert Alexander

At 360Wise, we are committed to transparency and accountability. We provide detailed analytics and reporting to our clients, so they can see exactly how their social media marketing campaigns are performing and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. This level of transparency is rare in the industry and has helped us build a strong reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Our clients include local and international public figures, celebrities, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs. We have worked with White House initiatives, McDonald’s, Red Bull, World of Dance, NFL player Antonio Brown, hiphop Icon MC Hammer, and civil rights Icon attorney Ben Crump, among others.

At 360Wise, our mission is to help our clients build and grow their online presence in ways that were once thought impossible. We are passionate about social media marketing, public relations and branding, and we are committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients.

The 360WiSE® brand is registered with the USPTO United States Patent Trademark Office along with the International Trademark Registration Extension of Protection to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Please note that this protection is tied to the International Registration under the Madrid Protocol.