General Council (Ben Crump Law Firm)
Sue Ann Robinson

General Council (Brooks Law Firm)
Charles Brooks

Trade Mark Attorney (Cantor Colbun LLP )
Alison M. Caless

Advisory Board

Stanley Burrell
(MC Hammer)

Attorney Benjamin Crump

A. Curtis Farrow

Arthur Reed
(Silky Slim)


Founder CEO –  Chief Executive Officer & President
Robert Alexander

Co-Founder & CFO – Chief Financial Officer
Tasha Alexander

Vice President

Jerry McCormick

Vice President International Business
Gary Edwards

COO – Chief Operating Officer
Travis L. Smith, Sr.

CIO Chief Investment Officer
Lorrette Farris

Senior Executive Administrator

Michon Fabio

Director of International Content
Sir Joe Madu

Director of Film and Entertainment
Derrick Worsley

National Event Director
Micheal Elder

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