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Dorothy Norwood


Dorothy Norwood

Early Beginnings

Dorothy Norwood was born on May 29, 1935. In Atlanta Ga. She began touring with her family at the age of eight, and in 1956, she moved to Chicago, Illinois and began singing with Mahalia Jackson. Shortly after, during the early 1960s,


Norwood became a member of the gospel group Albertina Walker and The Caravans, which would include such gospel music legends as the Queen of Gospel Albertina Walker who is also Dorothy’s role model and confidant. Other members of the Caravans include Shirley Caesar, Inez Andrews, Delores Washington and the late Rev. James Cleveland.

Norwood launched her solo career in 1964 and recorded her first album Johnny and Jesus on Savoy Records. It brought her national attention and was certified Gold. She followed it up with the stirring Denied Mother, which also went Gold, and earned her the title “World’s Greatest Storyteller”.

In her 50 plus years in the Gospel Music Industry, Norwood has recorded over 40 albums, five of which were certified Gold. She has also received numerous awards and citations, including six Grammy Award nominations. R.E.A. Robert Estevis Award for the album, “The Caravans, Paved The Way” As renowned as she is in America, she is just as large in Europe. She has performed in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and England. In 1972 Norwood agreed to do a 30 state American tour with Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. She was able to spread the Gospel in a mission field that was virtually closed to gospel artists.

In February 1991, Evangelist Norwood signed with Malaco Records and recorded Live with the Northern California GMWA Mass Choir. It was an immediate hit, reaching the Number 1 position on Billboard’s Top Forty after only 7 weeks. Her second project earned a Stellar Award nomination as well as a Grammy Award nomination.

Norwood was married but her husband went off and left her. She testified how her husband left her for a musician. However, after a short while, the guy came back to her after she gathered some wealth. Expectedly, Norwood denied him the chance.

Norwood presently lives in Georgia.

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