“Basketball Wives” executive producer Shaunie Henderson appeared on a “Not Your Typical Bible Study” session on her pastor husband’s YouTube channel, where she shared some feelings about her marriage that she says she has never experienced before.

This is her second marriage after previously being married to NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. The former couple had 4 children before divorcing in 2011 over the player’s infidelity.

Pastor Henderson is the lead pastor of Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas and in addition has a son from a previous relationship. He married Shaunie in 2022, and the duo talked about their marriage during a discussion on relationships during the sermon.

Shaunie Henderson appears on her husband Pastor Keion Henderson’s YouTube channel. (Photo: Keion Henderson TV/YouTube)

He asked his wife, “How do I know when I meet someone that they are mine?” …you already know it as when the Lord showed you.”

Ms. Henderson responded that trust was the most vital thing to her in a relationship and noted that this was something she did not have before.

“I have an answer to this because I knew this question,” she added he said. “So trust was one thing. I could trust you. You challenged me and I accepted the challenge. I didn’t feel like rebelling against the challenge. I didn’t take up the challenge, I take the challenge. And I can not wait for you to challenge me to do something, to say something, to share something, to feel things that I even have never felt before, so this was very vital to me.

“And it was something I hadn’t felt before, so that helped,” she continued. “I’d fight for this relationship. I wanted to know the way you received love, and also you wanted to know how I received love, which… that was also completely recent to me, to actually take the time to learn the way someone receives love, not only by loving them.

Shaunie added that she loves the proven fact that they’re one another’s “biggest fans,” how often they share their life goals, how protected Henderson makes her feel, and the way “easy” he made her fall in love with him.

“I can just be with you and do nothing, and that’s important because when you love someone, you have to love being with them.”

The mother of 5 and Keion dated for two years before marrying in Anguilla. After their wedding, Shaunie dropped O’Neal’s surname and later revealed that Keion was the first person to officially propose to her. She also revealed that they each have 11:11 tattooed on their bodies, long before they decided to get married on the same day in 2021.

While this experience is far different than her first marriage, Shaunie is not afraid to the touch on vital issues from her past, resembling in her upcoming memoir, UNDEFEATED: Changing the Rules and Winning on Your Own Terms.

She told People magazine she was nervous about “sharing too much” about her marriage to O’Neal and his infidelities, but desired to set the record straight.

“I was always afraid to share too much and tell my story that would involve anyone else” – Shaunie he said. “I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anyone’s story, even if it was part of mine, but as I’ve gotten older and done more and more things in the entertainment industry, I’ve found that people have the wrong idea about me.”

Shaq admitted in his book “Shaq Uncut: My Story” and in interviews that his infidelities led to the former couple’s separation in 2009 and finalized divorce in 2011.

“But I was angry. She was amazing. She really was. It’s all me,” Shaq said on “The Pivot” podcast in 2022, noting that he got caught up in trying to steer a “double life.” He confessed that he made “mistakes” while Shaunie did all the pieces she needed to do, right all the way down to giving him “beautiful” children and making their house a house, while also taking good care of business matters.

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Shaquill O’Neal claims he was to blame for his divorce from Shaunie O’Neal. Shaq said: “I didn’t protect her and I didn’t protect the oath”#shaquilloneal #shaunieoneal pic.twitter.com/DJD1K4FUhn

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– Shaunie is married. I’m blissful for her. I hope this man will treat her the way she needs to be treated,” continued the former Los Angeles Lakers player last June in the “MoTalk Radio” podcast hosted by singer Monika. “And I’ll still love her and she remains to be my wife. I’ll at all times protect, provide and love her, whether she is married or not.

Henderson said her ex-partner of nine years coming clean made it easier for her to inform her story.

“I thought, oh, OK, he said to himself,” she added. “I’m literally telling my story and my journey that he was a part of. I was always a little nervous about it, but I think I did the right thing by sharing my story and not trashing it because that wasn’t my intention at all, never.”

Henderson also revealed that she chronicles the behind-the-scenes drama of “Basketball Wives” in her book. The creator is an executive producer of a reality show and says her book is “not a behind-the-scenes story, but it expresses my feelings.”

“UNDEFEATED: Changing the Rules and Winning on Your Own Rules” will likely be released in May this 12 months.

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