Since 1925 Warren Ohio was the place of origin of the Women’s Movement.  In this day and age, it is appalling to hear about social injustice being prevalent! When our legal system is predicated on being innocent until proven guilty! It is equally unsettling, when such injustices occur, especially when it affects our caucasian counterparts! This feels like a travesty of justice. With Mental Health being such a hot topic in this current climate in which we live, we need a more compassionate and vigilant approach to dealing with these very sensitive subjects.

When the civil servants provide the bare minimum of representation versus mounting a thoroughly executed defense affording the defended the best possible outcomes it leaves one to wonder.

In 1965, Sojourner Truth, stayed at the Upton Mansion a historical landmark that sits across the street from the Mayor’s office. She was a guest there who spearheaded the landmark campaign to win women the right to vote. A voice we fought so hard to get has once again been stifled within the very city that initiated its birth Warren Ohio, in this great country we call America.

Fast Forward to the 21st Century, Women struggle to get basic human rights such as equal treatment, equal pay, human compassion, and common decency, while in the confines of the criminal justice system. The protocols of human decency should be recognized by all civil servants, along with elected officials, they all bear the responsibility of the highest standards of professionalism regardless of their position ie… from the janitor to the judge!. No-one

Is exempt from common courtesy! RESPECT FOR TRADITION, BUT A PASSION FOR TRUTH none of which was recognized in the case of Amy Corll. Mental Health is a very real concern and the lack of recognition and concern for these types of mental conditions is appalling, we have to do better, we must do better in society as well as, those persons of authority.