A veteran of the United States Marines, Mike Hall is a seasoned motorsports team development leader with more than 15 years of experience in the racing industry as a team manager and executive. He is the founder of American Wheelman, one of the few independently black-owned racing teams in motorsports and the only black-owned team in the history of the International Motorsports Sports Association (IMSA). Hall credits his love affair with fast cars and racing to a 1961 MGA Deluxe car, owned by his father as a kid. Plus, a chance meeting and subsequent mentorship with Oscar-winning actor and racing enthusiast Paul Newman cemented Hall’s career choice in motorsports. With a track record of working with the best in motorsports, under Hall, American Wheelman is sure to be a frontrunner on the track with its race car – a Porsche GT4, called “The Hard Way”.

American Wheelman made the epic move of building a team solidified with the management of Wesley Powell; a 30-year celebrity artist management and Apollo stage Vet! Powell, President and Founder of Epic HBCU Collective have broadened the horizons for American Wheelman within the black and brown community and taken flight into celebrity arena. Epic’s collective approach collaborated with Integrity Business Solutions raising the bar further in project management, branding, and execution.

The American Wheelman & Powell team’s first run of business locked in KRSOne as the brand ambassador for the first ever hip-hop collab in the racing industry. This official launch during Hip-hop’s 50th Anniversary is for the culture and legacy. Keep up with American Wheelman here and epichbcucollective.com


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