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Influence Marketing

Social media Influencer Marketing is exploding. In this day and age, social marketing strategies are crucial for companies to stay relevant and grow in leaps and bounds. Influencer marketing has existed for years, but it has only recently become a real force for brand awareness. Let us help you navigate the complex landscape of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others to help your business climb the ladder of success.

Facebook Management Influence & Marketing

Facebook marketing services are a great way to grow your business through the use of social media networks. A lot of companies still don’t even realize how powerful these networks can be. They’re constantly looking for ways to make it even better and more profitable for their company. Professional Facebook marketing services will help you leverage the power of Facebook in order to reach your desired target audience.


If you are already using traditional advertising, it is time to consider using corporate branding
and social media to your advantage also. After all, if you have a well-established brand, your efforts
will only bring in more sales and your reputation will go up. So why not use these two marketing tools
in a way that benefits both you and your clients?

LinkedIn Management Influence & Marketing

LinkedIn management influence & marketing services are a great way to build your reputation in the professional world of business. With hundreds of thousands of users, it’s easy to grow your business through the help of LinkedIn.

Local and National SEO Influence Marketing

Our local SEO services are all about making your business better known. They are to make your website visible to the world. Our team at 360 Wise Media helps you find ways to drive traffic to your website or squeeze page. Local SEO is basically the way by which businesses are made visible for local search listings. When it comes to SEO, cost is usually a big factor for many business owners.

Location-Based Marketing Technology

Location based social media marketing services are a good alternative to traditional advertising strategies and can increase traffic to your website. When you use location-based social marketing services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flicker you target only those clients who are living in close proximity to where you provide products and/or services.

Franchise Influence Social Media Brand Marketing

While social media has generally been a marketing strategy used by global or national brands only to engage directly with a single target audience, local franchises can also utilize it as a tool to connect to their existing customer base and foster brand loyalty and trust with the community. In doing so, they will gain the credibility and trust of consumers that they need to help grow their business and generate profits from an already strong customer base.

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Geofencing Influence Marketing

If you are looking to make your site more visible on the web to potential buyers, you should consider using what is called “geofencing influencer marketing” to help increase the visibility of your site to a wide audience. The idea behind this type of promotion is to get people to visit your website because they think that it is worth looking at. For example, if you were selling a new car, you would have to create a website that sells that particular brand of car. By adding a few videos and photos, you are going to entice people to click on the video or picture and visit your website.

Instagram Management Influence & Marketing

When it comes to Instagram, many businesses are not quite sure what type of influence and marketing efforts they can use on the app. However, there are some things that you should be aware of as you decide what type of marketing tools and tactics you can use. Let us at 360 MediaWise help you unlock the true potential of Instagram marketing.

Pinterest Management Influence & Marketing

With more than three million registered users and millions of images being shared every single day, this social networking website is quickly becoming the hottest new place to market a product or service. And it’s not just businesses that have begun to use these services as a means to make money online; celebrities and athletes also utilize the website in order to promote their products and services. Let our professional Pinterest marketing services help you out!

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Press Release Influence Marketing

At 360 Wise Media we work alongside influencers on the internet to distribute your latest press releases which has many advantages for your business. Benefit Number 1 Exposure: The goal of any press releases is exposure. By having influencers post your press releases on their own blog or on their personal websites you’re being exposed to a new, additional audience.

Public Relations

Public relations and marketing strategies are created parallel to each other and complement each other to reach the same goal for the organization. Our public relations agency will develop an awareness of the organization and its clients. This awareness will be made use of by us coming up with an appropriate and creative marketing strategy that would be more effective.

SEO Influence Marketing

Our full service digital marketing company in USA offers a number of different professional SEO services, from keyword research to link building, article writing and marketing, all under one roof. These services are a necessity in today’s online world, as the web has become an integral part of everyday life.

Social Media Branding and Marketing for Actors and Actresses

A celebrity should have its own team of professional social media managers who are capable of handling all aspects of the celebrity’s social media marketing campaigns. At 360 Wise Media, a premium Celebrity Branding Agency, we have a deep understanding of how to handle and manage a celebrity’s accounts as well as providing customized solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.

Robert & Tasha Alexander at "MC Hammers" ranch in California for surprise private Birthday party - 360WiSE

Robert & Tasha Alexander at “MC Hammers” ranch in California for surprise private Birthday party – 360WiSE

The Mass Media Hub

Geofencing is actually an advanced form of security. Our proprietary geofencing marketing software uses the mapping technology to provide you with the location of a person who is supposed to access your website. It is usually seen in restaurants and retail shops and it works by marking the position of a person with the help of a GPS device.

Twitter Management “X” Influence & Marketing

If you are in the process of setting up your business Twitter account, you should consider using a Twitter management service provider. You will find that using an automated system for managing your account is a great way to streamline the process and make it easy to use and track the performance of your account.

Weather Targeting

Weather based marketing, more commonly called ‘weather driven marketing’ or simply ‘weather marketing’, is an ingenious form of advertising automation that uses real-time weather information to trigger advertising messages and ad campaigns based upon the local weather conditions of your local audience.

Website Design

Web design services are one of the key components to any online business. From start to finish we will help you with all of your professional web development needs. We can design your website, design your logo, and help you get started on a variety of different forms of internet marketing to give your business the visibility it deserves online.