In a surprise ruling on Wednesday, an Illinois judge removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s ballot, citing a section of the 14th Amendment that bars elected officials from participating in insurrection.

This decision makes Illinois the third state, following Colorado and Maine, to attempt to remove Trump from the ballot based on the “insurrection ban.”

Trump, who is currently the GOP frontrunner, has the opportunity to appeal the ruling. The judge has placed her ruling on hold until Friday to allow time for a possible appeal.

The Supreme Court is currently deliberating Colorado’s challenge to Trump’s appearance on the primary ballot. Legal experts believe the top court is likely to rule in favor of Trump, allowing him to remain on states’ ballots.

Cook County Circuit Judge Tracie Porter made the decision to remove Trump from the Illinois ballot, following the state’s Board of Elections rejecting the case one month ago due to a lack of jurisdiction.

This story is developing, and updates will be provided as they become available.