TI and Tiny’s son, King Harris, has matured in front of the world after his appearance on “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

However, being a child star transitioning into maturity within the entertainment industry can come with challenges, comparable to constant scrutiny of your appearance.

This is very true for the recording artist “Stand on Business.” People criticize King for his strong features and fair complexion, but often his style and online antics stand out greater than what people say about his appearance.

King Harris debuts a new look and according to fans, he looks more mature than before. (Photos: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Recently, someone made a remark about his seemingly unrecognizable appearance, which prompted his fans to come to his defense, stating that he looks mature and is not sick because the person suggested.

Earlier this week, on Monday, April 29, King attended artist Quavo’s seventh annual Huncho Day at Berkmar High School within the suburb of Atkanta. The charity event raised tens of hundreds of dollars for the Migos rapper’s The Rocket Foundation, which supports gun violence prevention.

King did his part by playing within the All-Star Football game. Dressed in a black Huncho Legends uniform, white tights, a platinum Gucci chain and red and white Nikes, the previous reality star may very well be seen sporting a new look after recently chopping off her locks – faded on the perimeters and curled on the back.

When the 19-year-old, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris III, shared a clip on Instagram of himself being interviewed by Atlanta radio host and personality Miasi Simone, the post sparked a surge in his 856,000 followers praising his participation and praising him for starting his party enterprise, the Wildfest Atlanta festival, which he discussed with Simone.

But as a substitute of his achievements, one person’s words moved his fans, who focused on his appearance.

“My boyfriend looks sick,” the person says he wrote.

Immediately, two people clapped. One wrote: “Nope, growth and maturity.” The second comment was deeper and wrote: “The only sick person is you because you are saying something negative and hurtful…your mind and heart are sick.”

Between this post and other, many individuals complimented King’s “calm and collected” appearance, noting how mature he seemed. Meanwhile, others commented on his new hairstyle.

“The king has matured. It looks great. He looks like his mom with his dad’s mannerisms,” one person commented.

“You look so much better with your hair cut,” added one other. A 3rd said: “Oh he looks just like the little king from the family hustle again.” And More said, “Brother, it looks like he is making some changes in his life for the better. Keep pushing.”

Before cutting his hair in January 2024. King had blonde and brown locks. Often wild and uncontrollable, some say it fits the personality he has surrounded himself with over the last few years.

In November 2023, King gained immense popularity after he got into a fight with his father in a private suite during the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints football game.

At the heart of the argument was a discussion about how King grew up in the suburbs rather than in the hood like his father was raised. His parents say the boy has never experienced real combat. King argued that he spent time at his grandmother’s house, which is still located downtown in a tough neighborhood, lamenting the idea that he was born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth.

TI and his son King Harris got into an altercation at a Falcons game after King apparently pushed his mother Tiny pic.twitter.com/lgj2HWgXq1

— Hip Hop Ties (@HipHopTiesMedia) November 27, 2023

Following this incident, claims made headlines that King Harris was not T.I.’s biological son, but rather the alleged illegitimate child of Bimmy Antney, a former music director and lieutenant of the Supreme Team. Some people have pointed out the similarities between Bimmy’s fair skin, reddish hair and freckles in old photos and those of King, saying they are more similar than T.I. or any of his other children.

“ALL of TI’s sons appear like him except King, BUT if he considers him his son, then he is his son,” one person noted. In the blink of an eye, people started reading her comments and writing, “Probably because she looks more like her mom, but hey.”

Tiny quickly put the rumor to rest.

“Man, these are the biggest bulls – ever!!! No offense, but I don’t even know this Bimmy! I just remembered who he was,” the Xscape singer stated, adding, “Stop playing with us for clickbait b…h.”

This isn’t the first time Mother Bear has defended her son. After previously defending King’s actions during the 2022 Waffle House incident, Tiny took to social media to express how much she loves her other child and rides for him.

“Man this little dude @the_next_king10 has always been my favorite but also terrifying,” she wrote. “No, he isn’t from the hood, but unlike any of his siblings, he got into trouble, fighting all of the rattling time and slap boxing daily at college prefer it was a sport!”

Adding: “But every parent with multiple children knows it’s always 1!! I am truly blessed for mine!!”

King’s Wildfest is scheduled for August 25 and will be to Atlanta what Rolling Loud is to New York and Miami.

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The post King Harris is well on his way to changing his image and personality with a new look, months after a physical altercation with his parents first appeared on 360WISE MEDIA.

The post King Harris is well on his way to changing his image and personality with a new look, months after a physical altercation with his parents appeared first on 360WISE MEDIA.