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With a subscription payment gateway, content creators receive direct revenue from subscribers, bypassing YouTube’s revenue-sharing model.



Creators can potentially earn more per subscriber compared to YouTube’s ad revenue model.



Creators have full control over subscription pricing, offering more flexibility in monetization strategies.



Creators retain ownership of their content and have the freedom to monetize it outside of YouTube.

No Ad


Subscription revenue is not dependent on ad views or ad policies, providing a more stable income source.



Creators can offer subscription-only content, enhancing user privacy and exclusivity.

Diverse Revenue


Subscription gateways often allow creators to offer a range of monetization options, such as live events, pay-per-view content, and merchandise sales.



Creators can establish a direct relationship with their subscribers, fostering a dedicated and engaged audience.

No Ad


Creators are not subject to YouTube’s ad policies and restrictions, offering more creative freedom.



Creators can establish a direct relationship with their subscribers, fostering a dedicated and engaged audience.


Beyond YouTube

Creators can establish a direct relationship with their subscribers, fostering a dedicated and engaged audience.

Your Time

Is Money

Using a subscription payment gateway provides content creators with greater control, earning potential, and diversification opportunities compared to relying solely on YouTube’s ad-based revenue model.

What industries can benefit from having access to their own Live Stream or PPV portal ?

Access to their own Live Stream or PPV (Pay-Per-View) portal can benefit various industries and businesses that rely on live events, content delivery, or audience engagement. Here are some industries that can benefit:


Educational institutions can leverage 360WiSE LiVE to conduct live virtual classes, webinars, workshops, and training sessions, offering both pay-per-view and subscription-based access for students.


Recording artists, bands, comedians, and performers can use 360WiSE LiVE to live stream concerts, shows, and exclusive content, offering virtual ticketing options and subscription packages.


Sports teams, leagues, and organizations can broadcast live games, matches, and events on their dedicated 360WiSE LiVE page, allowing fans to purchase access to watch their favorite teams in action.

Government and Civic Organizations

Government agencies and civic groups can live stream public meetings, town halls, and community events on their 360Wise Live page, enhancing transparency and civic engagement.

Content Creators

Individual content creators, including YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers, can utilize 360Wise Live to offer exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and fan interactions through subscription packages.

Business and Corporate

Businesses can use 360Wise Live for internal communications, shareholder meetings, product launches, and client presentations, while controlling access through their dedicated page.


Game developers and streamers can host live gaming sessions, tournaments, and esports events on their dedicated 360Wise Live page, selling tickets to viewers and offering subscription options.

Conferences and Events

Event organizers can create dedicated 360Wise Live pages for virtual conferences, trade shows, and expos, selling tickets to attendees and exhibitors.

Charities and Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations can utilize 360Wise Live to host virtual fundraising events, charity auctions, and donor engagement activities, generating donations.

Religious Organizations

Places of worship can live stream religious services, ceremonies, and events on their 360Wise Live page, collecting donations or tithes from online attendees.


Fitness trainers, gyms, and wellness centers can host live workout sessions, fitness classes, and wellness programs on their 360Wise Live portal, monetizing access for participants.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals can offer virtual property tours, open houses, and property auctions on their dedicated 360Wise Live page, attracting potential buyers and renters.

Film Makers

Film makers can use 360Wise Live to premiere their films, host Q&A sessions with the cast and crew, and offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content to subscribers. They can sell tickets for virtual film screenings and generate revenue from their audience.

News Broadcasters

News broadcasters can live stream breaking news, interviews, and special reports through their 360Wise Live page. They can offer premium news analysis and in-depth coverage through subscription packages, providing additional revenue streams.


Podcasters can expand their reach by live streaming podcast recordings, allowing their audience to interact in real-time. They can monetize their content by offering special episodes, early access, and ad-free versions to subscribers with their 360Wise Live Page.

Arts and Culture

Museums, galleries, and cultural institutions can use 360Wise Live to provide virtual art exhibitions, guided tours, and cultural experiences, charging admission fees and offering subscriptions for exclusive content.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions can provide virtual tours, experiences, and booking options through their 360Wise Live page, promoting their offerings to a global audience.

Community Empowerment 

360Wise Live empowers content creators with dedicated pages for audience engagement, monetization, and control, fostering audience loyalty and showcasing their work.

The importance of backing up your premium content and utilizing social media platforms primarily for engagement is to drive traffic to your 360WiSE LiVE portal.

“We are not just a streaming platform; we are a globally trademarked Influence Brand Marketing and Advertising agency that began with one tweet at a time since 2009. Understanding the value of content creators and the demand for premium positive content from consumers goes hand in hand. The 360WiSE LiVE vertical has been created to bridge the gap.” – Robert Alexander CEO-360WiSE

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