“Loot” fans are preparing… Sofia Salinas is entering the era of the soft girl.

Actress Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who plays Sofia on the Apple TV+ series “Loot,” tells theGrio in an exclusive interview that her character will begin a brand new phase in the upcoming second season. In the primary season, Sofia is the determined executive director of billionaire Molly Wells’ philanthropic foundation, who’s solely focused on working and improving the community round her.

In the second season, Sofia lets go, lives in the moment and allows herself to have an affair with a brand new person, played by OT Fagbenle. Rodriguez says she’s “very happy that people can see what love looks like through Sofia’s lens, because she’s crazy.”

“I love, I love,” Rodriguez explains to Grio. “I loved watching all aspects of love portrayed on TV. I’m glad we can do it through Sofia, who is a very, very, very private person when she chooses to be. Behind the scenes, OT was fantastic to work with. He was a great scene partner; he really made me feel comfortable.”

Rodriguez notes that “entering a new space of love and meeting a new person that you have to really mess with” is usually a challenge when filming, but Fagbenle made the experience “so comfortable and safe.”

“I like that (this connection) can be easily transferred to the TV screen,” says the Golden Globe winner.

Rodriguez adds that in season two, Sofia will “find refuge” with the colleagues round her, including Molly played by Maya Rudolph, Howard Ron Funches and Arthur Nat Faxon. In one scene, Sofia “walks in shame” to the office, arriving in her lover’s T-shirt and shorts after forgetting to bring a change of clothes along with her for an overnight stay.

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“That particular scene where she shows up in completely different clothes that we didn’t expect her to be in, it puts her completely on the spot,” Rodriguez says. “I believe that is the moment where the world must see that her team is absolutely taking a look at her openness to love. He shows this through nervousness and anxiety.

“I believe it’s an important emotion that we didn’t get from Sofia initially because she’s so uptight and uptight, and it is not bullshit. Not in any respect like me in real life, which we actually appreciate.

Speaking of Rodriguez in real life, what would she do if she suddenly became a billionaire like Sofia’s boss, Molly?

“I was Miss Goody Two-Shoes and I said I’d spend it all on Rainforest Alliance and everything, but you know, we’re going to throw it away,” Rodriguez reveals. “I’ll spend it on all of the games I can play in my life because I’m a secretive gamer. I would like to ensure I get a taste of every last game I have never played yet.

“Loot” season two premieres on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, April 3, with the primary two episodes, followed by one recent episode each week, every Wednesday through May 29.

Watch the trailer for the second season of “Loot”:

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