MIAMI, May 04, 2020 (360WiSE MEDiA) — The digital video market is making a serious impact on society. Our goal is to leverage the 360WiSE MEDiA, Social Influencer Brand to increase the market share value proposition on behalf of the seasoned or independent content creators.

360WiSE TV is the digital television extension of 360WiSE MEDiA. Robert and Tasha Alexander, are the Founders of 360WiSE®, a Top 1% PR Influence Branding Marketing Agency, according to Google.

When asked about Travis Smith Sr. as General Manager of the new tv streaming vertical of the 360WiSE brand, Robert Alexander, Founder and CEO of the brand influence marketing company which is powered with the iconic advice of MC Hammer, states that:

“Travis has over 30 years in television, media production, management and operations. Travis is an experienced technology and innovation leader with management and consultancy experience in Marketing, Sales, and Media production for several Fortune 500 companies. Travis has strong leadership skills, he is very innovative and passionate about technology and using it for positive results.

Travis advocated for the integration of technology within for-profit and non-profit organizations for over 10 years through ACT – audio, communication, and technology initiatives. Travis is creator of eDiscipleship, a Christian Brand Methodology focused on making discipleship for Jesus Christ using technology. He is a patient, highly motivated, and thoughtful leader with the ability to build productive relationships with diverse stakeholders.”

“Our primary market at 360WiSE TV is for seasoned and independent creators.

We will empower creators by generating a revenue stream that is not dependent on mainstream resources but, through the technology we provide, they can create new opportunities for viewership and income. When assessing their needs, 360WiSE TV will build a platform for journalists, producers, directors, writers, musicians, and any other creators to promote and earn revenue,” said Tasha Alexander, Co-Founder and Coo of the 360WiSE brand.

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we purchase products, process information and how we communicate with one another.

Additionally, the last decades move from laptop and desktop computers to mobile devices have created new avenues for people to interact with content.

“360WiSE TV” is an online digital platform designed to enable, empower, and equip seasoned and aspiring creators to generate revenue by providing original content programmed and promoted across the extensive reach of 360WiSE MEDiA..

Our mission is to use technology to give voice to the journalist, producers, directors, writers, musicians, children and any other creators around the world.


The 360WiSE MEDiA is a full-stack, vertical-specific, online and offline PR influence, marketing Agency that’s Privately Held by 360WiSE® and powered with the hip-hop, technology, and fashion Icon MC HAMMER.

The 360WiSE brand is licensed and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office specializing in marketing and advertising. Powered with the positive iconic advice of MCHammer, 360WiSE MEDiA is in the top 1% of public relations, influence, branding, and marketing of celebrities, actors, public figures, recording artists, small businesses and major brands. 360WiSE MEDiA is known for its first of class, best use of social network platforms, local and national SEO, offline mobile marketing, geofencing, human behavior marketing, international press, and news access, Roku tv stream marketing, and content placement along with verified social media marketing to increase your engagement, positive visibility, and ROI.

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