While 2021 ESSENCE Wellness House: You are what you take into considerationWW Head of Integration and Diversity Monica Pierce joined ESSENCE as vp of experiential and branded content Stephanie Dunivan to discuss some ways we will higher prioritize physical health.

Sharing a bit about their very own wellness journeys, each ladies highlighted how the tools provided by the WW app have provided them with support and learning that goes far beyond just being aware of what you put in your body. For Monika, the lesson was that she learned to concentrate on the larger picture.

“With WW, I started to realize that it’s not about getting there or a number on a scale,” Pierce said. “It’s really about putting your best self forward for your family, at work, and all of those things. I be ok with it and I feel supported and on top of things.

For Stephanie, the motivation to prioritize her health is the desire to live an extended and comfortable life where she is present for her children and her kid’s children.

“My ‘why’ is just being around my children and my child’s children,” she said. “It’s sustainable health. In the past, like many individuals watching, I’ve tried every crash food plan, tried every cleanse… and it is usually been about getting somewhere or to an event. But this time WW is absolutely helping me change the way I live.

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