Former Intel Official States Recoveries of Non-Human ‘Biologics’ from U.S. UFO Crash Sites

On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee held a hearing on UFOs with Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, and two retired military officers, Air Force Maj. David Grusch and Navy Cmdr. David Fravor, all of whom were sworn in. UFO's and Non-Human's Live Among Says Former Intel Official

At Congress’ widely watched hearing on UFOs Wednesday, three military veterans gave testimony, among them a former Air Force intelligence official who declared that the U.S. government has been running a clandestine “multi-decade” program of reverse engineering recovered vessels. Furthermore, he maintained that the U.S. has acquired non-human “biologics” from purported crash locations.

Though the topic of “little green men” was discussed, the primary focus was on developing better approaches to registering unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). This is the military’s preferred term for UFOs, which is starting to be used for “unusual” sightings, including those in the air and in the water.

It is suggested that the stigma surrounding aviators who report mysterious aerial phenomena should be abolished, and that there should be accountability for government programs that investigate these occurrences.

Retired Maj. David Grusch, having been a part of the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force, later became a whistleblower and reported to the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee that he was not given access to all government UFO programs. Nonetheless, he revealed that he knows the places where UAPs are held in the United States.

The hearing is available to view here:

Due to widespread interest and demands from the public and government, federal and military bodies released a large amount of data on mysterious aircraft events – however, a great many of these occurrences have been identified as mundane objects such as weather balloons, drones, random debris, and birds.

On Wednesday, Susan Gough, a spokeswoman for the Defense Department, released a statement that the Pentagon’s investigations had not yielded “any verifiable data to confirm the allegations that such programs involving the handling or analysis of extraterrestrial materials existed in the past or presently exist,” as noted by The Associated Press.

According to Grusch, the U.S. obtained biological material of non-human origin from the pilots of unidentified aerial phenomena. He states that individuals with direct knowledge of the UAP program he consulted with said this was their assessment.

At the public hearing, Grusch declined to provide any extra information, but he proposed to divulge the information in a private setting.

Grusch declared that he has not encountered any extraterrestrial vessels or extra-terrestrials himself, and that his ideas are drawn from the reports of more than 40 informants he conversed with during the four years he served on the UAP committee.

Grusch stated his report is backed by information given to him from reliable sources with an impressive history of loyalty and service to the United States — many of whom provided detailed proof in the form of photographs, official documents, and confidential verbal testimony. He then added that the substantial evidence has deliberately been shielded from Congress.

At various points in the hearing, Grusch refused to answer inquiries from legislators, declaring that he could only respond in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). For instance, when seeking clarification on whether the government had interacted with aliens or if anyone had been killed to protect “extraterrestrial technology,” he declined to provide additional information.

The ex-intelligence specialist expressed to the committee that he and other coworkers had been victims of “administrative terrorism” and that he had been in fear of his life since he spoke out.

He noted that the situation was “very brutal and very unfortunate,” with certain methods of attack having been employed which were damaging to him both in his career and his life. He mentioned that there was an open inquiry into the incident.

UFO's and Non-Human's Live Among Says Former Intel Official

Reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon are not uncommon nor singular

At the subcommittee, testimony was given by Ryan Graves, a former Navy fighter pilot, and Cmdr. David Fravor, who was retired, about supposed experiences with aircraft of an unknown origin. Their statements were heard by the subcommittee.

Graves remembered an episode with an airborne object near the shore of Virginia Beach back in 2014. He stated that while piloting an F-18 he encountered a craft that looked like a “dark gray or black cube inside of a clear sphere” that he estimated to be five to 15 feet in diameter and unlike any other plane he had ever seen before. Grave stated that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) was able to stay in one place despite the enormously strong winds associated with a hurricane.

The former pilot reported to legislators that his team had filed a safety report, yet he received no official response to it. He also mentioned that UAP encounters in that particular area were not uncommon.

Subsequently, Graves formed Americans for Safe Aerospace, a group devoted to backing aviators who have seen UAPs. He commented that the phenomena that seem to be witnessed by both military and commercial pilots “exceed our comprehension of our technology and our nation’s abilities.”

He continued, saying that if the public had access to the data he experienced firsthand, it would lead to a major shift in the collective dialogue.

Technology that is astonishing and unparalleled to anything we have experienced before

At the panel, Retired Navy Cmdr. David Fravor shared his remarkable story of an UAP sighting that was recorded on video in 2004. In 2020, the Pentagon made the video available to the public on YouTube.

Fravor and three other service personnel were astonished when they saw a white “Tic Tac” shaped craft hovering over the San Diego coast in California.

He commented that the UAP did not have any rotors, associated air displacement from rotor wash, nor any obvious flight control devices such as wings.

He and his fellow pilots attempted to come nearer to the unidentified craft, however, “it quickly increased its speed and vanished right in front of our planes,” without leaving any detectable turbulence.

Fravor commented, “The tech that confronted us was far superior to what we had available. I’m not a UFO enthusiast, but what four of us saw was beyond anything we can come close to. It was remarkable technology.”

Several years passed before any authorities followed up on the extraordinary events that had occurred, Fravor remarked, and even then, he indicated, “no action was taken.”

Astonishment from the space that was filled beyond capacity

The eagerly awaited hearing was available to the public; individuals waited for extended periods of time to guarantee their place for the hearing.

An anonymous 22-year-old from New York City revealed to NPR their intention to go to a potentially momentous event, citing the social stigma that still exists around the subject.

About 100 observers in an extra room were captivated as they observed Grusch, Graves, and Fravor–all of whom had extensive military records–narrate their encounters.

He commented that, without being placed in the right context, the tales of these three individuals “could appear to be incredible,” yet considering the reputations of the witnesses, he professed to be a believer.

He was not the only one alone.

The man stated that when Grusch began to discuss the subject of non-human biologics, a collective gasp of surprise was heard from the audience. Similarly, when Grusch went into detail about the personal backlash he experienced, the reaction mirrored the first.

What is the motivation for taking action now?

Congress has been striving to gain more insight from intelligence agencies regarding unexplained aerial phenomena (UAPs), as they consider them to be a matter of national security, with the hearing being the newest of their efforts.

Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California noted that UAPs, whatever they may be, could potentially be a major danger to our military and civilian airplanes. He then suggested that more reporting is necessary on UAPs, as the more we are aware of them, the more secure we will be.

Grusch, Graves and Fravor all expressed the same opinion, wishing for a “safe and transparent” system to be initiated for centralized reporting. The men expressed their hope that the public discourse surrounding this topic will be the catalyst for eliminating the stigma associated with reports of UAPs, in order to inspire others to come forward.

According to Graves, a former Navy aviator, only a small fraction of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) encounters are brought to the attention of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, estimated to be about 5%.

Graves stated that it is time to set aside any preconceived notions and focus on the security and safety that this topic brings. He continued on to emphasize that if the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) turn out to be foreign drones, it is an immediate priority for the national security. On the other hand, if it is something else, then this is an issue for science. In any situation, the unidentified objects in the sky should be a major concern for flight safety. The citizens of the United States should be aware of what is occurring in our skies, and this is an issue that has been neglected for too long.

Since its inception last summer, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office has logged a total of 366 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) reports.

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