360WiSE Ranked #1 Among Top PR Service Providers in the United States by TechBehemoths

Miami, FL – July 4, 2024 – 360WiSE proudly announces its recognition as the #1 PR service provider in the United States by TechBehemoths, the world’s most advanced and user-friendly platform for matching IT companies with clients. Known for its excellence in corporate communications, crisis communications, investor relations, public affairs, and more, 360WiSE continues to set the standard for effective public relations strategies.

The United States is home to 2,372 companies offering top-tier PR services, contributing significantly to the nation’s advanced software and IT services industry. This sector is a key player in the global market, with North America holding more than 40 percent of the $5 trillion global IT market, predominantly led by the United States. The industry adds $1.8 trillion to the U.S. value-added GDP, accounting for more than 10 percent of the national economy and supporting 11.8 million jobs.

Discovering Top IT Companies Specializing in PR

360WiSE is honored to be featured among the top IT companies in the United States specializing in PR services by TechBehemoths. Our expertise includes:

Corporate communications
Crisis communications
Investor relations
Public affairs
PR, an abbreviation for Public Relations, involves sharing business information with the public through various media channels, including TV, radio, social media, and websites. Effective PR strategies ensure that news, updates, educational resources, and other information are distributed to reach target audiences efficiently.

The Importance of PR Across Industries

Businesses across diverse sectors such as healthcare, food, apparel, tourism, and retail rely on PR to enhance their visibility and connect with their audiences. By utilizing PR, these industries can effectively communicate their messages and expand their reach.

About 360WiSE

Founded by Robert Alexander, 360WiSE is a leading digital marketing and media distribution company, specializing in brand marketing, public relations, and media content website development. Partnering with celebrities, brands, athletes, and public figures, 360WiSE is dedicated to driving engagement and visibility through innovative campaigns and strategic partnerships.

About TechBehemoths

TechBehemoths is the world’s most advanced and user-friendly platform to match IT companies with real clients. It simplifies the search process by maximizing results with reputable and efficient IT companies, making it easy for clients to find the services they need.