Miami, FL – June 25, 2024 – 360WiSE Media is proud to announce the launch of the “Peace Starts With Me” podcast, hosted by Demian Dunkley. This new podcast series aims to foster peace, unity, and understanding through engaging and insightful conversations with thought leaders, influencers, and everyday heroes.

Demian Dunkley, known for his exceptional ability to create meaningful dialogues, brings his passion for positive change to the podcast. Each episode features in-depth interviews on topics ranging from personal growth and community building to global issues and the importance of empathy in today’s world.

“Our mission with the ‘Peace Starts With Me’ podcast is to inspire listeners to take small, actionable steps towards creating a more peaceful and united world,” said Demian Dunkley. “We believe that through open and honest conversations, we can encourage understanding and promote positive change.

”This organization, founded by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (also called the Mother of Peace), aims to unite people across America, transcending boundaries and religious affiliations. They believe that peace is a choice and that we can overcome limitations and create inner peace.

360WiSE Media, a leader in digital marketing and media distribution, is thrilled to host this podcast. As a platform committed to amplifying voices that matter, 360WiSE supports “Peace Starts With Me” in reaching a global audience and making a significant impact.

The “Peace Starts With Me” podcast covers various topics, including:

  • Personal stories of resilience and transformation
  • Strategies for fostering peace within communities
  • Discussions on current events and their impact on global peace
  • Interviews with leaders in various fields who are making a difference

Listeners can tune in to the “Peace Starts With Me” podcast on 360WiSE and major podcast platforms. The first episode is available now, with new episodes released bi-weekly.

For more information about the “Peace Starts With Me” podcast and to listen to the latest episodes, visit [Podcast Website URL].

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